Carbon Monoxide

It doesn’t really matter what type of appliance you have or what fuel it runs off, Carbon monoxide is a very serious risk. Carbon Monoxide is a colourless,  odourless,  tasteless gas which is highly toxic to humans and can even cause Death or long term health problems such as brain damage. It is produced by the partial oxidization of carbon which can be can be caused by pretty much any form of combustion where there is not enough oxygen present to form carbon dioxide.

CO is produced as a by-product of the internal combustion of boilers and is usually controlled and vented out through the flue to reduce any risk of CO Poisoning. The Printed circuit board of a boiler works in conjunction with the fan to eject the harmful gas before fresh fuel is injected in to the burner. In this way, the boilers safety precautions make sure that there is not a build up of the toxic gas within.

As I have said in previous posts, it is very important that any jobs done on a boiler or heating appliance are done by a registered gas safe engineer to ensure that all new parts are implemented correctly.  Incorrect installation can result in leaks or incomplete evacuation of the toxic gasses from the boiler.



There are many symptoms associated with Carbon Monoxide poisoning, but here are Six of the main ones:

1.       Dizziness

2.       Nausea

3.       Breathlessness

4.       Headaches

5.       Loss of consciousness.

6.       Collapse


Unfortunately, these symptoms can also be assigned to a number of other causes and so carbon monoxide poisoning can be misdiagnosed. You should check for warning signs such as the alleviation of symptoms when you leave the house. If you suspect that you have been exposed to carbon monoxide and may well have CO poisoning, it is best to go to your doctor or the hospital and inform them of this. They have blood and breath kits that can check if you have been exposed. If you receive conformation of exposure, or you suspect that there is immediate danger, please contact Metcalfes on 07970358914

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